Computer-aided design and programming of capacity for work of gear hobs

New approach to computer-aided design of the gear manufacture are implemented. CAD is complex considered the design of gear hobs, analysis of the conditions of their operation, running abilitys, analysis and selection of appropriate option from the point of view of manufacturing technology and the geometry of gear cutting tools, the creation of three-dimensional models for control.
The theoretical basis of the development is a generalization of the many studies in the design of various types of cutting tools and methods used in the development of information technology design, analysis and control engineering products. Work done on new approaches to determine the geometry and loading gear cutting tool of the cutting part, namely, static and kinematic coordinate system that replicate actual values of these parameters in a tool during cutting. Determination of loading and geometric parameters of the cutting tools in the kinematic coordinate system allowed to predict the working capacity of the tools. 3D CAD models can be used as analytical standards for the automated control of them after production on co-ordinate measuring machines.

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