Черв’ячні фрези

Computer-aided design and programming of capacity for work of gear hobs

New approach to computer-aided design of the gear manufacture are implemented. CAD is complex considered the design of gear hobs, analysis of the conditions of their operation, running abilitys, analysis and selection of appropriate option from the point of view of manufacturing technology and the geometry of gear cutting tools, the creation of three-dimensional models for control.

The general theory of information technology software design hobs

Given the nature of the process of hobbing developed a general theory of information technology software design hobs, which is the basis for creating a new level of CAD this tool. Creation of CAD based on it will allow the design stage hobs by determining the effect of process parameters and design parameters of gear milling tool accuracy and performance gear cutters to predict not only the accuracy of the wheels with less of their production, and to develop new and more progressive design hobs.