Development and research of the dampening solutions with anti-bacterial effects to use in packaging and other offset printing production

For the first time there were developed and researched dampening solutions having anti-bacterial effects, that provide normal quality indicators such as optical density on the imprint in range of 0,9-1,5±0,05-0,10, color deviations in range of 4-5, dot gain in range of 18-25 % of raster element on the imprint; and that provide lowering isopropanol alcohol contain down to 9-10 %. For the first time also there was developed a computer imitative model of dampening solution transfer between contact surfaces, and there were developed program methods of statistical calculation of dampening solution’s parameters when setting it up for printing, which allows creating a new information technology to research the dampening solution’s parameters with anti-bacterial effects.
The technological process of offset printing with printing plate dampening is improved in terms of developing the way to correct the printing coatings abilities, types of cleaning and prophylactic measures of inking and dampening units, which intensifies imprint’s drying and stabilizes the ink-water balance in range of 15-55 %. Digital system of integral control of the ink register based on the modern hard- and software complexes and also based on the objective methods of information analysis and processing and developed means increase the exploitative parameters of the spare parts allowing reducing technical waste.
Scientific-technical level of provided work corresponds to the world-class level, in detail, stability of the dampening solution conductivity is along 360 hours, ink setting time for 5-8 minute to place the imprint on a pile and continue on further post-press operations is shortened, technical waste and defected imprints are reduced with the proper ink and dampening units maintenance.
Additional treatment with the magnetic field and UV-exposure of the anti-bacterial dampening solutions allows to achieve the stability of its parameters along 720 hours and this increases the total process’s productivity up to 15-20 % which overcomes the modern world analogs parameters.

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