Elaboration of powerful gas-discharge electron gun for impulse deposition of multi-component and chemically-complex coatings

Conditions of forming of impulse electron beam in power triode high-voltage glow discharge electron gun with using low-voltage additional discharge are investigated theoretically and experimentally. By using simulation technique basic geometrical and energetic beam parameters with taking into account thermodynamic parameters of anode plasma are defined. Particularities of transporting and scanning of formed electron beam are also theoretically investigated. New powerful gas-discharge electron gun, as well as control system for controlling its’ parameters in the pulse operation regime with using low-voltage additional discharges have been elaborated. As a result of theoretical analyze and simulation of physical processes in the high-voltage glow discharge with the cold cathode possibility of obtaining impulse electron beam with total power range of tens kW and power density 10 5  – 10 6 W/cm 2 is confirmed. Corresponded physical-mathematical models are elaborated and complex simulation of self-maintained electron-ion optics of triode electrodes’ system of high-voltage glow discharge and the system of electromagnetic guiding of pulse electron beam from the soft to the high vacuum have been provided. The possibility of forming impulse electron beam with cross-section dimensions few mm and it’s guiding from the soft to the high vacuum for pressure difference in 2 – 3 order is shown. By the results of provided investigations the construction of triode electron gun for total power 30 kW has been elaborated. Time of regulation of discharge current by changing gas pressure in the discharge gap is not grater, than few second, frequency of beam modulation is provided in the range of tens or hundreds Hz. By the results of theoretical and experimental investigations operative model of electron gun is created and design documentation has been elaborated. Operative models of devices for control system of gun’s parameters also have been elaborated.

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