Research of integrated consumers energy supply systems with electric and thermal energy accumulation optimal functioning.

Complex study and scientific substantiation of energy hubs concept using possibilities as unit of integrated energy supply systems in Ukraine with the purpose of technical substantiation solutions for the development and creation of their operation control modes models, which helps to ensure optimal flow distribution between energy sources and consumers with consumers energy use efficiency increase.
On the basis of objective assumptions, a model of complex energy supply system for consumers in the form of an energy hub, which covers needs for electric and thermal energy was developed. A methodology for optimizing the modes of their operation was created for the presented systems of energy supply, considering environmental and economic factors based on a multicriteria approach.
Developed models of multicriteria planning and optimization of integrated energy supply systems operation modes makes it possible to increase the operation efficiency of power units with sources of dispersed generation. Conducted energy hub work simulation with subjects of energy supply using DSM tools. Determined that consumers electricity price changes, there is an opportunity to cover demand from own sources and reduce the costs of market energy. As a result, mechanisms for electricity price formation for economic entities engaged in electricity and heat production economic activities have been developed.
The developed support model of the energy hub functioning based on the biogas plant and other renewable energy sources in combination with accumulation systems makes it possible, for example, for the production of 352.5 m3 / day of biogas to save it at the level of 25.4 thousand m3 with increase of the biogas plant efficiency by 13.94% makes it possible in cogeneration system conditions to reduce the cost of electricity and heat production by 20-30%.
Dynamic models of different energy sources functioning for the building of state-owned enterprise «DERJAVTOTRANSNEDPROEKT» have been developed and scenario modeling of heat generation facilities operation has been carried out, as a result of which it is established that connection to the centralized heat supply system occurs a decrease in heat production costs for own needs up to 22.2%.

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