The latest effective technologies for conditioning biochemically treated wastewater for industrial reuse

An analytical report on the main methods of wastewater conditioning has bee created. The analysis of the average composition of wastewater. Rational conditions for the synthesis of new specialized reactants for purification and electrochemical stabilization treatment of industrial and municipal biologically prepared wastewater have been selected. A new method of conducting electrochemical studies of the processes of scale formation and regulation of the thickness and structure of the phase microlayer on the surface of metals in the stabilization of wastewater treatment has been developed. The corrosion characteristics of low-carbon steel at different temperature conditions with inhibitor and oxidant in the stabilization of wastewater treatment are determined. The parameters of the combined action of ultrasound and new stabilizing reagents on purified water in order to form a strong phase microlayer with anti-corrosion protective properties. The main regularities of the processes of model and real wastewater treatment from individual pollutants and their totality by single reactants and their rational combination are revealed. The method of combined action of anti - scale and anti - corrosion protection of metal of heat exchange equipment is offered. The regularities of formation of protective layers on the heat transfer surface under the action of ultrasound depending on the frequency and power at the joint directed action of antiscalants and demineralizers are determined. The mechanism of interaction of separate reagents and their scientifically substantiated set with pollutants of different nature and genesis of sewage is est blished. Technological parameters of the process of water purification of different water composition proposed by the new reagents to the normative requirements of their repeated and reusable use in industry, heat power engineering and in the agrocomplex are developed. The technological sequence of using the obtained water treatment reagents in wastewater conditioning technology for their reuse is proposed.

Новітні ефективні технології кондиціювання біохімічно оброблених стічних вод для повторного промислового використання
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