Hydrodynamics end Heat Transfer in Warmer of air with warm crystalization

The research of the water dispersion parameters in impact with a hard dry and wetted surface was made. Noted best water spraying at surface with high roughness. This may be due to the difficulty of the air outlet from under flat (before impact) drops during impact. The share of dispersed liquid upon impact a teardrop-shaped expanding jet ( 40% of the water flow in the jet ) with wooden batten was investigated. Also was determined the radius of scattering droplets depending on the fall height and of the water flow consumption from the nozzle.

The results of dispersion investigation used in irrigation nozzles made from wire to produce icicles. Growth of icicles is enhanced with optimal water flow ( irrigation density ) . The heat of crystallization is spent on heating the frosty air to temperatures of plus two - minus 3 C. This temperature after the crystallization device allows to increase the coefficient of transformation for air-source heat pumps and extend their application to areas with a cold and continental climate. In ventilation systems also possible to save up to 50% of conventional energy for heating the fresh air in offices, industrial premises and livestock farms (especially in poultry houses ) that require large ventilation rate . The dependencies to calculate the mass of ice and heat quantity in attributing to the square wire nozzles and their length was found.

The investigation of heat transfer in the longitudinal and transverse flow icicles was made. Research results are described well-known formulas for the case of flow tubes. Experimental method to computers and modeling of hydraulic resistance values obtained with different variants of air blowing icicles . Hydraulic resistance of icicles not significant in comparison with the resistance of inlet and outlet ducts. Increased resistance observed in the attachment points to the nozzles icicles. Using the results of the study of resistance developed patent request. The principles of operation preheating device with periodic functioning of some individual water crystallization devices was developed.

Proposed and justified by calculations possibility of usage ice fins for intensification of freezing ice on the natural and man-made reservoirs for making ice channels. Also was made experimental research of hydraulic resistance and heat transfer rate in the finned Experimental research of hydraulic resistance and heat transfer rate in the finned along ice tube. When using such type of channel in the summer air temperature decreases by 5-7 C per 1 m length of the pipe. In winter, the air is warmed by the heat of water crystallization taken from the environment where are located icy pipes Verified structure rigidity and proposed a method for intensifying freezing ice on river crossings. Prepared application for the invention . Proposed cooperation with the Research Institute Rafting of Wood (Kazan , Russia).

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