Dynamic analysis of threats priorities economic dimension of sustainable development administrative - territorial units of Ukraine

Dynamic model of the economic dimension in view of the threats identified and its characteristics for the local government area. The method of calculating the level of threat, which includes grouping sets of data for specific classification features that characterize a particular threat , to create a database for a certain period, the definition of inter depending on the components and the maximum level of threat, the calculation and analysis of the formation of recommendations. The dependence of the functions described and graphically represented in the work. A conceptual approach to the development and definition of the zone of stability in a dynamic system provides the ability to analyze processes of social and economic systems, and the development of measures that contribute to maintaining the level of performance in the area of stability for a long time, ensure the implementation of the concept of sustainable development in the longer term. The software for the simulation of dynamic characteristics of the economic development of regional economies with regard to threats.
The method of evaluation of investment activity regions on the basis of two integrated components - index returns and liquidity index. A quantitative calculation of the level of threats to investment activity through vectorial risk assessment. We construct a linear predictive model of sustainable development for the city (for example, the city of Kyiv). Audited the adequacy of the model development.

Based on the algorithm of object models taking decisions for appropriate management structures for the assessment, an appropriate response to possible threats and taking preventive measures.

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