Increasing compressor stations efficiency due to using “Aquarius” technology for gas turbine engine heat utilization

It was suggested to apply the gas turbine plant «Aquarius» for regular gas-turbines engines heat utilization which transports natural gas in Ukrainian gas pipelines system. It is helped to create the modified energy saving technology for power engineering, industry, housing and communal services.

A new thermal diagram was offered and investigated. In this scheme was united in utilization complex a few regular gas turbines which helped to increase heat utilization of all compressor station.

The developed technology for gas-turbine engines heat utilization in the main gas pipelines compressor stations increases the stations engines efficiency from 25...31% to 45…48%. New technology permitted to use superheated water for cyclic air intercooling process. As compared to the most widespread gas-turbine settings (ДН80, ДГ90, ДЖ59 and others) developed gas and steam turbine technology decreases using natural gas for own requirement in 30...35%. In ecological point of view developed technology provides the almost twice less emissions as compared to minimum worlds regulations.

New approaches in the mathematical simulations of processes in the elements of the gas and steam turbine engine allowed to execute the detailed analyze of the offered technology and calculate the thermodynamics parameters of developed technology.

As a result general station efficiency increased to 58...60%, which on 5...7% better than world analogues (Rolls-royce (501-KH5), Kamasaki of heavy industries (M1a-13cc), Ishikawajama-harima of heavy industries (Lm1600, Flecs M7a-01st), General Electric (Lm2500) but other)

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