Methods of evaluation and guarantee of technical security’s required level for specialized multiprocessor control systems’ functioning

Purpose of the work is design of methods and means for determination of transition’s probability of reconfigurable multiprocessor system (MS) aimed to control the complex objects. This transition can lead to dangerous state. Also as result of the work is enhance of system functioning results’ veracity. During exploitation due to the processors’ failures MS can went into dangerous state (that is state when is only one (any) of control functions can not be realized and without of those the control object went into dangerous state). The methods to design the probabilities of existence of such in two directions, when the set of control system’s dangerous state vectors is known and when it is not. Methods are based on implementation of statistic experiments with behavior of MS under failure flow. Relevant formulas are obtained and theoretic justification is given. The method of organization of processors’ mutual testing in MS for 3- and 4-fault-tolerant n-processor MS is proposed. Firstly in world practice the number of testing processors is lesser then the number of allowed faults. The method is based on new constructive-regular diagnostic graph and next analysis of results. It is shown that whole the number of mutual tests is no more than 2n+2 and is lesser then of ones for known methods. For implementation of statistic experiments a source of state MS’ vectors is needed. A specific circuit of pseudorandom binary vectors’ generator is proposed. The circuit corresponds to all needed requirements in particularly it must be high speeded, equal weighted and controllable.
To analyze consequences of failures the probabilities models of signals values on the outputs are proposed. A property of the model proposed is the possibility to comprehensively take into account both the distortions on the device' inputs and the failures within the device. The models take the digital devices structure into account and the physical essence of the data distortion. Based on the models the methods for reduction of calculations volume of the functioning of computer devices validity and the methods for devices optimization in order to increase its functioning validity.

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