Romankevych Oleksiy M.

Methods of evaluation and guarantee of technical security’s required level for specialized multiprocessor control systems’ functioning

Purpose of the work is design of methods and means for determination of transition’s probability of reconfigurable multiprocessor system (MS) aimed to control the complex objects. This transition can lead to dangerous state. Also as result of the work is enhance of system functioning results’ veracity. During exploitation due to the processors’ failures MS can went into dangerous state (that is state when is only one (any) of control functions can not be realized and without of those the control object went into dangerous state).

Methods and means of reliability increasing and information stability of the multiprocessor systems for objects of critical assignment

Reliability improvement of multiprocessor systems (MS) designed for controlling sophisticated objects, in particular those of critical purpose, is achieved in a variety of ways, which are discussed in this work, by introducing different types of redundancy, in particular temporal and hardware redundancies, and most often – by the fault-tolerant design of the system. The minimum number of additional processors required to increase the reliability (probability of operation without failure) of the system to the desired level is estimated.

Specialized Computer System for Diagnosting and Reliability Calculation of Reconfigurable Fault-tolerant Multiprocessor Systems

The program complex of calculation of reliability of non-failure operation of reconfiguring Fault-Tolerant Mulltiprocessing Systems (FTMS) by means of statistical experiment with the GL-models reflecting behavior of FTMS in a stream of refusals of their components is developed. The new mathematical grafo-logical models (GL-models) adequately reflecting reaction of FTMS to occurrence of refusals optimized for use in specialized system are offered.