Specialized Computer System for Diagnosting and Reliability Calculation of Reconfigurable Fault-tolerant Multiprocessor Systems

The program complex of calculation of reliability of non-failure operation of reconfiguring Fault-Tolerant Mulltiprocessing Systems (FTMS) by means of statistical experiment with the GL-models reflecting behavior of FTMS in a stream of refusals of their components is developed. The new mathematical grafo-logical models (GL-models) adequately reflecting reaction of FTMS to occurrence of refusals optimized for use in specialized system are offered. Methods and algorithms of the accelerated formation of model are developed, forecasting of its complexity at early design stages of FTMS is carried out. Two ways of transformation of model depending on features of structure of FTMS for the purpose of increase in quantity of statistical experiments in unit of time, and by that, increases of accuracy of calculation of reliability of FTMS are offered and investigated. Methods and algorithms of self-diagnostics of FTMS, giving the chance to reduce time of detection of faulty processors are offered, to the recommendation on reconfiguration of FTMS after occurrence of refusals. The complex of program modules is developed for performance of statistical experiments with GL-models and gathering of the statistical information. Updating of a statistical method is offered, corresponding formulas for calculation of reliability of FTMS and an arising error are received. The structure of an operated source of pseudo-casual vectors of condition of FTMS necessary for performance of experiment is offered, the corresponding program module is developed. Results give to the developer the tool thanks to which he can carry out calculation of reliability by any real FTMS at all stages of its developing, and at necessity and operation, including taking into account system degradation. Universality of the approach, the offered methods and algorithms provides performance of calculation of reliability of FTMS with real quantity of processors for real time by means of accessible computer means, and also it recalculation in necessity of modernization of FTMS.