Scientific principles, methods and techniques to improve the efficiency of automatic control modes of power system with renewable energy sources

In compliance with adopted “Energy Strategy of Ukraine till 2030” widely applicable adoption of renewable energy in electric power system which will stipulate restructuring of generation capacity of integrated power system (UPS) of Ukraine is expected. Modes of frequency and voltage and current operating conditions automatic regulation systems play a decisive part in this process. Moreover, joining UPS of Ukraine to European ENTSO-E integrated power system has raised standards for stabilization and reliability of UPS`s of Ukraine work.

As a result of theoretical and experimental research a new mathematical model of comprehensive integrated power system was developed. Unlike existing, developed model, take into account detailed power plant models, automatic load frequency (LFC) and voltage control systems , flexible alternating current transmission systems (FACTS) and renewable energy sources (RES).

A new adaptive method of LFC in variable renewables capacity was proposed. New scientific results on the evaluation of the impact of distributed generation sources to the nature of change in voltage at the substations of different voltage classes were established.

Research results helped to clarify principles of interaction of automatic voltage control at various control levels. Furthermore, principles of power system LFC operation in variable renewables conditions were obtained.

The recommendations for the selection of the operating mode of frequency and active power control system were imposed. Proposed conclusions based on researches in field of participation of RES in the secondary frequency control with variable generation and technical limitations of small-scale power generation. Creation of a regional LFC system increased the efficiency of the secondary regulation through a flexible power flow support for a given intersection at the established by the sytem regulator level.

Methodology of decision places for establishing FACTS devices was developed in this work. Proposed methodology based on “principle of reliability N-1”, new scientific principles and apprehensibility method, which allows to improve the efficiency of functionality of automatic control systems by frequency and voltage levels.

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