Yandulskyy Oleksandr S.

Яндульський Олександр Станіславович - декан факультету електроенерготехніки та автоматики, д.т.н., професор


Development of a system for monitoring and analysis of transient modes of electrical networks based on the processing of synchronous vector measurements

The essence of the development is to create and test the system of monitoring and analysis of electric networks modes of operation and automatic control of electric distribution networks based on new methods of processing data of synchronous vector measurements, as well as experimental validation of the developed technology to determine the features of its application in power grids with renewable energy sources.
The main results of the work are:

Scientific principles, methods and techniques to reduce the impact of low-frequency oscillations in the power modes of the United Power System

Analysis of accidents in electric power systems (EPS) of the world has shown that one of the reasons for their occurrence is poor damped low-frequency oscillations (LFO). This requires solving of the complex problem aimed to reduce the LFO impact and increase the stability of the EPS. For the interconnected power system (IPS) of Ukraine, which is characterized by relatively weak interconnections in the conditions of rising of amount of distributed energy sources (RES) to solve these problems it is particularly important.

Scientific principles, methods and techniques to improve the efficiency of automatic control modes of power system with renewable energy sources

1. State registration number, registration number at the university. 0111U002229, KVNTD I.2 13.14.02, UDC 621.311 № 2408- F
2. Supervisor - Yandulskyy Oleksandr, DSc., Professor.
3. The essence of development, the main results.