The development and research of the coordinating optimization and control systems of the technical, economical and social processes

New methods of creating optimization and control coordinating systems are worked out.


The method of synthesis of multidimensional coordinating control systems with multirate sampling in a deterministic environment based on optimality multirate criteria in a form of reference models of digital control closed circuits. The method provides increasing control accuracy of output coordinates specified ratio in the transition regime in more than 10 times.

— The coordination method to control unmeasured slow and fast movements as vector components of measured output coordinates in systems that implicitly operate in two time scales. To do this, the synthesis of slow and fast control subsystem with multirate sampling when fulfilling the specified ratio of slow and fast movements was carried out. The algorithm for estimating vectors of slowly and rapidly changing components of output measurements was also developed.

— The method for synthesis of multidimensional objects in a stochastic environment coordinating control systems. To devise this method an algorithm of coordinating control is proposed and the task of conditional minimization that of residual relations variance and generalized output coordinates variance is solved.

— The method of adaptive forecasting maximal sampled conditional variances of multidimensional object output coordinates residuals on a large sampling period based on GARCH models.

The coordinating digital control system is developed for thermomixer installation working under external disturbance and in which with the help of a coordinating controller for temperature and water level ratio the influence of time-dependent disturbance on hot water consuption for municipal needs is reduced by more than 7 times.

The technique for coordinating control of limited financial resources distribution in competing organizations to maximize winnings is worked out.

Experimental studies of coodinating control systems as digital simulation were carried out.

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