Methods of the automated projection of analytical models of tools machinery and systems of projection of effective technologies of their manufacturing

Developed a new method of complex evaluation of all components of the cost of production of the product, including the cost of materials and manufacturing blanks for machining operations and control operations on the assembly, as well as a focused redesign products to reduce the cost of its production while maintaining functional and performance properties product engineering and instrumentation. The methodology is a new concept of an analytical standard assembly products and component parts based on a three-dimensional model created in a modern solid or surface modeling, with subsequent refinement to the level of an analytical standard.

A new concept of an analytical standard cutting tool, which aims to maximize the integration of the design of the tool, the cutting process modeling for variable processing conditions figurine surfaces with kinematical interaction tool with the workpiece, the automated control of cutting tools.

Based on this concept can be implemented "paperless" technology-aided design of cutting tools, which provides a significant reduction in time and cost for design and technological preparation of production.

A new methodology for automated design engineering production facilities, which integrates the stages of design and technological preparation of production on the basis of analytical standards, which are an extension of well-established concept of three-dimensional models. From well-known methodology differs in that it uses a single mathematical description of the object itself and its manufacturing technology in a flexible computer-integrated field assembly. This is the first time allowed on this basis to develop new methods of design objects tool production, in particular spherical cutters, and to create new software, the advantage of which is highly automated and fully integrated 3D modeling and preparation programs for the control of CNC machine.

The proposed methods are applied to the cutting tool, in particular axial, for which, based on these techniques have been developed the software that implements them aided design.

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