Improving organizational and economic management mechanisms status, receive investment-innovative development of enterprises in Ukraine (for example, machine-building industry)

First established as a set of techniques for assessing the state of management of innovaлtion and investment development of the machine-building industry, and the willingness of the indus-trial enterprise to innovate. These techniques have a complex, not a vision of the structural prob-lems of innovation and investment enterprise development in a rather turbulent economic and investment environment. For machine building industry created economic and mathematical models to carry out calculations of the integral component of the innovation index for the indus-try as a whole, as well as an index of innovative activity of individual plants. Methodological approaches and models are unique. For five machine-building enterprises of Donetsk region, according to the developed method, conducted evaluation of innovative development and the tendencies of innovation activity of enterprises. The calculation of the integral index of innovative component and the resulting phase portraits of innovation performance of machine-building industry, and reflect the possible scenarios of the development of economic processes. Recom-mendations (tools) on the opportunities and impact of various organizational and economic mechanisms of innovation and investment, and social development of the industry. It is the use of modern tools, the novelty of methodological approaches and practical implementation of the results is determined by the market competitiveness of the provided design.

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