Creation of energy saving and seismically safe blasting technologies for quarry mining

Getting new data on the mechanism and regularities of formation of amplitude-frequent spectrum of the seismic impulse, depending on the construction of industrial charges, parameters of network borehole charges, interval and sequence of shortlyretarded explosion, way of initiating charges of industrial explosives.
Theoretical background and experimental verification of regularities of multistage formation of energy peak of integral impulse spectrum of frequency range elastic vibrations that do not coincide with the own frequencies in the spectrum of protected objects fluctuations.

Establishing functional connections between the frequency parameters of single impulses, their generating sequences in separate groups of charges, between the groups and totally in the system, by the integral amplitude-frequency spectrum of seismic vibrations, formed by both the system of sources of dynamic loads and the protected construction with containing its basis environment.

Installing the interaction of integral spectrum of seismic oscillations with ground base of the protected object and its structural elements and the development of ways to manage spectrum of mass briefly delayed explosion (BDE), which is based on the use of short and ultrashort delays in accordance with the criteria of the charge specific gravity, that is undermined in 1 millisecond deceleration between charges and groups of charges, as well as adjusting the width of the spectrum of the seismic signal by shifting energy peak of spectrum into the high-frequency region, which includes the coincidence of powerful utility dominant frequencies in the spectrum with own frequencies of the protected objects.

Determination of levels of seismicity of briefly delayed schemes of explosion with different charges initiating system and multistage regime of development process of initiation of all explosive charges, including intragroup, and duration time of detonation process with the waveguide, using modern non-electric initiation systems, seismic implementation of prediction of BDE on the index of seismic intensity.

Характерна схема комутації вибуху і значення часу сповільнення свердловинних зарядів ВР з неелектричною системою ініціювання «Імпульс»
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