Adaptive hydraulic system of effective power take-off of independent eco-clean renewable energy sources

Hydraulic adaptive system of power take-off and redistribution is developed. Hydrosystem automatically adjusts the power and the trajectory of its flow in conditions of wind speed increasing or decreasing. Adaptive hydraulic system is designed for increasing of energy volume, which comes to consumers from independent medium-power wind turbines (up to 30 kW).

A general structure of algorithm for flexible control of the level and the direction of the energy flow and methods of structural and parametric optimization is proposed. They help to improve the level of energy efficiency of autonomous wind turbines (WT) by creating adaptive hydraulic system of power take-off, in which, in the autonomous operation, changes the flow rate and pressure to the changes accordingly to present value of the wind speed.

A new method of determining of the rational values of nominal battery power levels of wind turbines with 2 - 7 step characteristic considering annual distribution of the wind speed for certain areas and set priorities for energy consumers is developed. The method allows predicting the energy efficiency of wind turbines at the stage of its construction and structural schematics.

Developed and experimentally tested the functional appropriate of structural solutions and the control algorithm on a model of adaptive hydraulic system with three levels of power.

Схема адаптивної гідравлічної системи відбору потужності до вітродвигуна, яка забезпечує 7 рівнів номінальної потужності за рахунок послідовного та/або паралельного підключення споживачів
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