Development of high-power hybrid power supply on the basis of batteries of supercapacitors and accumulators for ecological vehicles

The scientific novelty of development consists in that first in a theoretical plan generalized and the theoretical are systematized and experimental data of researches of balance of energies in the hauling and рекуперативному modes of operations of autonomous electro-transport facilities. It is well-proven that the use of hybrid source of feed which includes the block of supercondensers and storage battery prolongs tenure of employment of accumulators in two - three times. Work of block of supercondensers is analysed in hauling and recuperation modes. A mechanism which results in deregulation of single elements on tension into the block of supercondensers is set. It is well-proven that the balanced charge of block of supercondensers, especially during his work in the mode of recuperation, it is impossible to conduct without the additional electronic system which will provide the identical difference of potentials on elements in a middle a block during his exploitation.

In the practical plan of − the high-efficiency electronic system of charging and recuperation of energy is worked out for the hybrid source of feed. The analysed different going is near structural registration of hybrid source of feed. It is set that worsening of specific power descriptions takes place due to the switching systems into the hybrid source of feed. In better world analogues weight of the switching systems arrives at to weight of active elements of hybrid source of feed. The worked out recommendations are from structural registration of universal hybrid sources of feed, which diminish payment of the switching systems into a hybrid source and improve it specific power description. The worked out high-power block of supercondensers is for the hybrid source of feed which does not yield on the specific descriptions the best to the world analogues.

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