Development of new electro-acoustic device for medical diagnostics, namely acoustic thermometer of internal temperature of body of man

The methodical basis is developed for calculations of the acoustic thermometer and experimental check is carried out it.

For the first time the effect of a spatial filtration of diffusing radiation is found by quarter wave layers which is that in addition to reduction of factor of transformation of thermal radiation known from hydroacoustics by flat aerials, it is weakened by layers to level without layers whereas the active component of resistance of the piezoelectric receiver in as much time increases. As a result the relation of intensity of the accepted noise to intensity of own noise of the piezoelectric receiver decreases. The effect allows receiving accuracy of measurement of deep body temperature of the person with big focal length, and in real time.

As the receiver of acoustic radiation of a body of the person the piezoelectric converter which, together with schemes of strengthening and detecting of a weak noise signal, provides accuracy of measurement 0,2°С is used. It allows applying the device to functional early diagnostics, including long monitoring of babies from the date of their birth.

Application of electronic switching of a piezoelectric receiver and noise standard allowed excluding the block of the mechanical modulator which is used at analogs from the scheme of the acoustic thermometer. It made possible measurement of deep body temperature of the person in real time.

Application of an elliptic lens for focusing of a reception ultrasonic bunch allows to measure deep body temperature of the person by a single-channel method. Unlike a multispectral method which is used at analogs, it is possible to choose frequency low that provides a deep water of measurement of temperature.

As a result of performance of work the laboratory model (on the basis of two serial devices) the dynamic single-channel acoustic thermometer for control of deep temperature of an internal of the person at physiotherapeutic impact on them and hyper thermal influence on malignant tumors which is capable to measure body temperature of the person on depth to 7 cm with accuracy 0,20С to the top border 44°С, and with spatial resolution of 1 mm is calculated and created

Лабораторний макет акустотермометра
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