Creation of technologies of plastic deformation of homogeneous and powder materials in conditions of superplasticity for maintenance of a resource and reliability of the high technology products

Design and technological classification of standard blades of modern gas turbine engines is developed. Selected typical elements of solid and hollow blades for which tasks are set for the development of manufacturing technologies.
The theoretical approach in analytical modeling of materials under visco-plastic deformation is considered and generalized. The basic laws of deformation of a membrane under distributed pressure of a gas medium in conditions of superplasticity are considered. The mathematical model of the process of formation, which describes the field of velocity of the movement of material particles in the deformation cell, is developed on the basis of a membrane with the use of the spatial and temporal coordinate system, which made it possible to link the parameters of the process of deformation of the workpieces and the geometry of the part. Numerical simulation of the deformation process of membrane from titanium and aluminum alloys has been carried out. The influence of strain and speed strengthening coefficients on the distribution of thinning on the production membrane is established. Experimentally proved efficiency of complex two-stage technological process of compression of blanks of compressor from homogeneous titanium alloy ВТ 6 and confirmed results of numerical modeling.
The peculiarities of shaping the pen of a wedge-shaped form from aluminum alloys, fibrous and powder materials on the basis of aluminum are considered. Numerical modeling of the formation process has been carried out and isothermal pressing with the use of the superplasticity effect has been experimentally worked out.
The basis of the processes of modifying the structure of materials by pressing with mixing has been developed, theoretical and experimental research of the compression pressing process with mixing has been carried out. It has been established and experimentally confirmed that conditions that contribute to the maximum grinding of elements of the structure of the material are created in the deformation cell.
The given technological recommendations on introduction of technologies of manufacture of exact blanks of blades of plastic deformation in conditions of superplasticity.

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