порошкові матеріали

Creation of technologies of plastic deformation of homogeneous and powder materials in conditions of superplasticity for maintenance of a resource and reliability of the high technology products

Design and technological classification of standard blades of modern gas turbine engines is developed. Selected typical elements of solid and hollow blades for which tasks are set for the development of manufacturing technologies.

Creation of methods for designing the processes of shaping engineering structures under viscoplastic deformation of homogeneous, eutectic strengthened and powder materials

In this work, using a unified theoretical approach, the analysis of the processes of visco-plastic forming of typical mechanical engineering structures with homogeneous and structurally heterogeneous materials. The theoretical approach is based on a closed system of equations of the theory of plastic flow of continuum mechanics, taking into account the visco-plastic properties of materials. This approach made it possible to provide system design of structural forming processes.