Development of methodological principles of intellectualization of processes of generation and distribution of electricity in integrated systems with active consumer

The scientific, technical and methodological bases for intellectualization of processes of generation and distribution of electricity (components of the Smart Grid concept) in integrated energy systems with prosumers are determined. The scientific aspects of the concept of smart electricity system are formed. The processes of generation and consumption of electrical energy in the integrated systems for electricity supply were studied, assessment of the impact of tariffs differentiated by time zones for the formation of power consumption schedule was held. The evaluation of potential of demand for electric power / energy control via electricity tariffs was studied. Recommendations for conformity assessment of tariff zones according to urgent problems of day to control demand for electric power were developed. Recommendations for building systems with flexible generation and prosumers are proposed. The technique of multi selection and placement of distributed generation sources, their parameters selection, specifications to connect them to power supply systems are presented. A models and algorithms of assessment of the stability and reliability of the integrated power supply systems are developed. Methodical, information and problem solving algorithmic support for the involvement of the available data in modeling processes in integrated distribution networks are presented. Mathematical models of evaluation of the effectiveness of the prosumers influence on electric power are presented. The analysis of electromagnetic compatibility and integration peculiarities of different energy sources and elements of smart energy systems was held. The tasks of using power electronics devices to connect sources of distributed generation and management of the regimes are discussed. The scientific and technical solutions for implementing new features of automated control and management systems for power consumption are proposed. Recommendations for improving the legislative base for the industry, relevant techniques draft regulations necessary for the effective implementation of the concept of intellectualization processes of generation and distribution of electricity and creating integrated systems with prosumers are developed. Implementation of proposed material promotes resource conservation, reduction of losses by increasing consumer power supply reliability and quality of electrical energy, improves the environment.

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