Creation of physical bases of operating of technological processes of manufacturing of reinforced heatproof cermet materials of polyfunctional setting

Created physical fundamentals of process control production of wear-resistant high temperature metal and ceramic material reinforced single crystalline fibers of superhard refractory compounds during high-speed sintering directional solidification of melt eutectic alloys quasi binary systems (LaB6-MeB2, B4C-MeB2, WC-W2C, Ti-TiB2) and subsequent heat treatment.

The mechanism of nucleation, growth and formation of melt fibrous microstructure of crystals quasi binary eutectic alloys. For the first time proved that the thermodynamic factor, surface energy facets of the crystal matrix phase mainly determines the number of embryos, number and size of fibers at speeds of crystallization of less than 5 mm/min. While the kinetic - growth rate, increasing the number and reduces the diameter of the fiber component around investigated interval. It was established that the change in the rate of cooling molten eutectic alloy from 102 to 106 deg./s. speed changes by three orders of crystallization and reduces the diameter of the fibers on the order. A new class of reinforced metal materials, capable of working in high, over 1400 ° C, temperatures and dynamic loads, heavy abrasive wear (details equipment ultra deep 13 km wells), high pressure and sliding speed (10,000 rev / min.) as alloys for the metal cutting tools and armor with the highest specific characteristics of strength and hardness.

Шнеки пресів-екструдерів, наплавлені стрічковим релітом на основі сферичних частинок плавлених карбідів вольфраму, легованих молібденом
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