The unified device for noise-immune transmission in high data rate radio relay and satellite communication channels

The results of research led to the creation of new types of standardized devices for interference-free data transmission in high-speed channels, microwave and satellite communication, which are the main technical and economic parameters exceed the available foreign analogues.
Unification is implemented as a range of frequencies used for (2 GHz, 5 GHz, 12 GHz, 130 GHz) and by type of radio channel (microwave and satellite).
The basis of the research work on the idea of creating a universal concept of synthesis and adaptation mechanisms of signal-code constructions for use in microwave and satellite systems, information distribution with specified information on performance criteria. This makes it possible to unify the system used for signals and infrastructure by type of information transmitted, ensuring efficient use of the available frequency resources and energy.
A feature of the work is to focus on the production of experimental samples with the corresponding technical documentation for high-speed adaptive modem systems on-air distribution of information on domestic production base, in particular, at the enterprises of JSC "ELMIZ", which traditionally specializes in the production of radio equipment for the implementation of national and international space programs, and PAO "NPP Saturn", specializing in the production of means of communication in the field of terahertz wave band.
So developed standardized means for high-speed distribution information systems in the microwave range up to 100 GHz or above, and the transmission speed of 1 Gbps and adaptive selection of modulation type from a set of QPSK, PSK-8/16, QAM-16/64/128 in depending on the radio parameters and requirements for reliability and speed of information transmission, for high transmission of information in the form of a heterogeneous multiservice traffic in the telecommunications and satellite radio systems, radio relay information distribution. An example of the use of such devices include modems, radio relay stations. Complex adaptive modems must provide high-speed wireless networks, the optimal use of the available frequency resources and energy systems while maximizing the speed of information and the information transmission efficiency while meeting the requirements for the reliability and timeliness of information transmission. The tool to achieve a qualitatively new performance metrics is the use and development of modern methods of combining multi-position modulation algorithms and super-long high-speed block codes. The developed methods may be relevant for the adjacent fields of science, using reliable data transport methods using both wired and wireless technologies, in particular, in special-purpose systems.
Developed and tested prototypes of adaptive modems fail-safe transmission of information in a high-channel microwave transmission for use in special communication systems for tactical domestic production management level within the association "Kiev Polytechnic".
A research sample device, realizing universal algorithms adapt signal-code designs high-speed distribution of information for radio relay and satellite links to the corresponding parameters of the communication channel, optimal by the criterion of maximum performance, while ensuring a reliability and timeliness requirements, and testing modems samples, confirming the feasibility of the developed universal algorithms.
The main proposed technical solutions are patented. Sold the license to the patented technical solution.
Development meets international standards. None of the well-known domestic and foreign study of error-correcting codes and signals did not match the problem of increasing the reliability and achieve top performance data transmission channel of the border. Testing of the theoretical and constructive results performed on the production base of "ELMIZ" and NPO "Saturn".
Full-scale testing of a prototype of the proposed unified constructive interference-free transmission of the device information as a part of radio-relay links in the State Border Service facilities (Odessa), the landfill Defense Ministry of Ukraine (Semipolki), the National Guard of Ukraine (p. Novi Petrivtsi), with positive result, that creates terms for the further use of the offered principles of construction of radio-facilities in the systems of the special setting.

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