числове моделювання

The development of energy-efficient process for the high-temperature processing of bulk carbon materials in electric furnaces

The physical and mathematical models of the dynamics of the dense motion of a granular medium and the thermoelectric state of a single-phase mine electric furnace during high-temperature heat treatment of carbon material are formulated, on the basis of which the corresponding discrete and continuum numerical models of the physical fields of the electric calciner are developed taking into account the dense motion of the granular medium and chemical interaction.

Development of conservation regulations compression carbon and graphite products

Energy-saving constructions and regulations of the Castner furnaces operation were developed for graphitization of large-sized electrode workbenches, which have no other analogue in Ukraine and reach energy expenses decrease by 20–25 %. Thermal and electrical furnace state was experimentally investigated during graphitization of electrode workbenches with different expansion blocks. It was found out that gasification process of carbon material by water vapor occurs in operation area during graphitization process in the Castner furnace.