Kulakov Yuriy O.

Implementation of the clouds computing in education and creation of the virtual computer research and training laboratory for universities

Were developed the software and technical basis of the virtual computer lab (VL) based on cloud technology. The main difference from the cloud services offered by the Internet in recent years - the advanced features for users with the ability to use interactive physical laboratory tools from both the server and client-side depth management of virtual machines and infrastructures.

Design and implementation of the virtual service platforms clouds technologies in virtual personal cabinet service for scientists

The essence of the design is to create the remote access system of user to the means his own work cabinet with implementing the clouds computing services and providing the virtual presence effect.

Рrovide by that the possibility for executing in remote mode on the server the applications executing in local real cabinet. Рrovide access from virtual personal cabinet (VPC) in local and remote mode to the clouds services. These are SaaS – access to the software, PaaS – access to the virtual computers, IaaS – creating and control of the information Infrastructure.