Elaboration of innovative technology and equipment for molding products from intelligent polymer composite materials

Схема інжектуючого пристрою для введення суміші ІД з розплавом:  1 –  черв’ячний пластикатор; 2 – інжекційний циліндр;  3 – формуючий канал головки

1.A new technology has been developed and new designs of devices for the manufacture of intelligent polymer composite materials (PKMM), incl. using ultrasound (US), for energy-efficient and high-performance production of products from intelligent polymer materials (IPM) on their basis.

Development of manufacturing technique of ceramic, metal-ceramic and metalopolimerceramic composite armor by using superstrength, superhard reinforced ceramic materials

The technology of manufacturing of ceramic and metal superstrength composites (40 GPa compressive strength) superhard (30 GPa) reinforced materials based on boron carbide and boride of titanium or aluminum, nanostructured B6O by hot pressing. It is established that changing technological parameters of hot pressing allows controlling chemical, phase composition and structure (grain size, the geometric dimensions of the reinforcing component).