Baturkin Volodymyr M.

Development of the passive thermal control systems with heat pipes for the typical tasks of space instrument-making

The equalizations of thermal balance for the system «space vehicle – device – thermal control system – space environment» for a thermosensitive device taking into account heat transmission , realized by heat pipes, are theoretically grounded. On the basis of analysis of these equalizations for the boundary conditions of device function a new thermal conception of construction of the effective thermal control system of class of scientific devices, which have not own heat generation is offered and experimentally researched.

Investigation of thermal regulating characteristics of the heat pipe systems for space instrument making

The equations of thermal balance for system « space vehicle – device – thermocontrol system – the space environment» for the thermosensitive device are elaborated with the account of heat transfer, which heat pipes realize. On basis of the analysis of these equations for device boundary conditions a new thermal concept of creation of effective thermal control systems of electronic devices with gas-regulated heat pipes is offered and checked experimentally.