Creation of methods for plastic shaping of structures from a new welding alloy of the Al - Mg - Transition metals - Rare earth elements system with high mechanical properties for aerospace engineering

Methods have been developed to ensure high mechanical properties during plastic forming of structures of a new welding alloy of the Al - Mg- Transition Metals - Rare earth elements system for aerospace engineering. A two-stage approach to deformation has been developed, when at the first stage deformation is performed under conditions of large shear deformations for a more uniform redistribution of phase components and a decrease in the size of the grains - homogenization of the material due to mechanical action, and at the second stage - the formation of the structure.

The development of energy-efficient technology of isostatic graphite production

Energy efficient technical solutions and regulations of pressing, baking and graphitizing of isostatic graphite artifacts were developed, which do not have any analogues in Ukraine and enable specific energy consumption decrease. Parameters of material base for isostatic graphite artifacts obtaining were determined and the requirements for “green” isostatic graphite samples, which are obtained on the pressing stage, were formulated.