Complex energy supply systems for the autonomous objects based on the renewable energy sources

The autonomous power supply system for local object based on the photovoltaic panels and a buffer battery has been developed. Such system allows to balance the generation and consumption of energy. A mathematical model of the functioning of a complex power supply unit based on renewable energy sources has been developed. This model takes into account the climatic and meteorological conditions of the locality for determination of the optimal ratio of the installed capacities of different sources, and a generalized model of the coordinated operation of the generating equipment and the storage subsystem. The scientific novelty is the adaptability of methods for forecasting operating modes according to local conditions; features of calculation models that take into account the stochastic nature of external factors with different time intervals of data collection and averaging, as well as features and requirements for the mode of energy consumption; taking into account natural features based on the correlation analysis of various factors influencing the operation of the grid, including the establishment of patterns of their distribution in spatial and temporal dimensions

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