Kuzminskiу Yevgenіу V.

Using of the potential of hydrobionts for the conversion of biosources and wastewater pollution

A new technology of processing of bioremediation with obtaining energy carriers while simultaneously clearing sewage from fish farms with a closed cycle of water supply has been developed. A closed cycle of waste processing has been created, in which at each stage the necessary association of microorganisms is selected. The purification of sewage from biogenic elements is proposed with the help of microalgae, the metabolism of which is guided by change for the purpose of increased release of triacylglycerols (raw materials for biodiesel fuel production).

Obtaining of energy carriers from biodiesel waste, industrial waste water, microalgae Chlorella vulgaris and waste of its cultivation

Scientific and technological bases of renewable raw materials conversion in biohydrogen and biomethane were grounded; conditions of increasing of renewable raw materials conversion rate and energy production in the enzymatic separation process into two stages were defined. Rational technological parameters stages were determined. This allows forming highly effective microorganisms associations that are able to maximize the rate of different raw materials conversion and halve its duration. Rational technological parameters of biohydrogen (biomethane) obtaining were defined.

Photobioelectrochemical conversion of wastes and raw material to produce electricity and energy carriers

Three ways of converting waste into energy or electricity are combined in this research. The first way concerns the energy conversion of wastewater organic compounds into hydrogen and electricity in biofuel cells. The second one is based on conversion of solar energy and organic compounds energy with using of inorganic photocathode in biofuel cell to produce hydrogen. The third way concerns the conversion of solar energy and inorganic waste gases on lipids of phototrophic microalgae. This combination of processes allows to convert different wastes into energy carriers and electricity.

Biotechnological production of energy and energy carriers from wastes of different origin

It is developed the anaerobic-aerobic technology of treatment of highly concentrated wastewater associated with biotechnological production of electricity and hydrogen. The technology is different from the existing ones with the implemented system of bioreactors. It is developed the hydrobiocenosis of microorganisms that are organized in bioconveyor and immobilized on synthetic carrier with highly developed surface area in bioreactors.