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Control system of navigation complex of light armored cars

A new scientific concept, new methods and means of improving the control system (SC) of the instrument navigational complex (NK), stabilizer, light armored vehicles (LBM) have been created. Achieved the increase of accuracy and speed of measurement of the parameters of the TC NK of the modern LBM more than 2 times. New mathematical models of IC stabilizer work, formulas, algorithms, estimation of parameters of motion are obtained. A new automated control system of the stabilizer LBM has been developed.

The increasing of efficiency and economy of the operation of the energetic equipment under different kinds of fuel and conditions of the load control

The experimental curves of the creep and the long-term strength of 25Kh1M1FA steel have been scientifically substantiated and proved by studying of the rotor of power unit No. 9 on the Luganskaya TES which had worked 275 thousand hours and reproduced all aging processes for the entire period of operation. The experimental curve of the long-term strength is supplemented taking into account the creep, which was limited a range of 175 thousands hours, up to 375 thousands hours.