Кавітаційне обладнання

Jet and cavitation devices forimprovement of energy efficient mechatronic systems in machinebuilding

Іn this paper a new approach to the basic parameters choice of controlled spherical liquid friction supports spatial mechanisms using the Monte Carlo method is developed. A jet system adjusts the position of the sphere by changing the hydrodynamic resistance to flow at the exit slit hydrostatic, or combined balloon aerohydrostatic spherical bearings.

The principles of mathematical models development and simulation of actuators and mechatronic systems

A new ultrasonic cavitation technology for plant material pectin hydrolysis- extraction was developed. Experimental studies for determine the main parameters of ultrasonic vibrations to provide effective realization of the process as a part of mechatronic systems. Physical and mathematical models of extraction were compiled. Necessary technological cavitation equipment as a part of mechatronic systems to realize the proposed technology was developed. Experimentally confirmed the high quality of pectin obtained with new technology.