Імпульсні електронні пучки

Investigation of low-pressure discharges for elaboration of equipment and technology for pulse electron-beam evaporation and ion-plasma deposition of nanostructurized coatings.

Макет газорозрядної електронної гармати з блоком керування параметрами електронного пучка

 Obtaining of different coatings by electron-beam evaporation in vacuum is one of the most widely using methods. However, obtaining of coatings from multicomponent materials, as well as from chemical compounds, which are inclined to thermal dissociation, is really difficult with using of continuous heating during evaporation. For deposition of such coatings applying of pulsing evaporation by electron beam, generated in high voltage glow discharge with cold cathode, with activation of steam and gas fluxes in the evaporation zone by low-pressure discharge, is very perspective.