Неруйнуюче зондування

Development of an undestracting tomographic means for complex impedance and structural parameters of spatially spased nonmutual objects definition.

Methodological and engineering bases for definition internal structure and condition of nonreciprocal spatially distributed objects or their parts by means of an evaluation of a directional distribution of complex electric impedance are developed. New methods of diagnostic and the concept of construction of systems on their basis are developed.

Development of new high-precision technology for echo sounding in acoustic multimode wave guides and creation of hardware&software complex for its implementation

The aim of work are creation and introduction of hardwarily-programmatic complex with the increased exactness of echolocation  of fuel in the tanks of trucks and level of underwaters through pipe waveguides with the use of normal waves.

As a research method is used computer design of echolocation in waveguides on normal waves, experimental design on the laboratory model of complex.