Surface topography modification by controllable laser irradiation

Main goal in the development of technological process and the design of experimental equipment for its realization was to improve the exploitation properties of parts. It is possible to pattern required micro-relief on flexible thin-walled workpieces and, with help of additional ultra-sonic processing, on rigid bulk parts. Данная технология позволяет создавать требуемый микрорельеф на не жестких тонкостенных деталях или его формирование (для жестких деталей) с помощью дополнительной выглаживающей УЗ-обработки

Investigation of the dynamic properties of the newest semicoductor nanomaterials and nanocomponents

This work is devoted to research of nanomaterials and nanostructures for creation of super-high speed and THz micro- and nanoelectronics components. Using of III-nitride wide gap materials opens new possibilities for creation on their basis low-dimensional semiconductor structures, which combine possibilities to get more fast-acting and more powerful electronic devices in comparison with existent A3B5 devices.