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Physical and technical foundations development of signal processing devices barrier micro- and nanostructures

The developed method of input impedance characteristics allows to obtain new knowledge about the wave properties of barrier micro- and nanostructures and, on this basis, new effective technical solutions. As an impedance-based method, it is universal for wave structures of any nature. The proposed and developed method of impedance -inhomogeneities combines the advantages of impedance approach and locally lumped properties of -function. For many structures solutions are analytical.

Methodology for multi-class diagnostics of complex spatial objects

Methodology of multi-class diagnostics is developed for complex spatial objects with welded and / or riveted joints of elements in case of occurrence and development of multi-site damages on the basis of methods of multi-class recognition and information technologies, methods of estimation and prediction of change of technical condition of objects.

Development of methodological support and model sample of monitoring system based on the concept of Structural Health Monitoring

A study and development of methodological support structural monitoring of the technical state of metallic structural elements of complex spatial objects are carried out, the technical implementation monitoring system based on the concept of Structural Health Monitoring in mock sample is made. The simulation and physical models of complex spatial diagnostic object – the tank for storage of hazardous substances are given, the adequacy of models is confirmed.

Highselective resonant-tunneeling crystal-like signal processing devices.

Nanoelectronic signal processing devices based on crystal-like structures are the newest element base of information and telecommunication systems. Resonant-tunneling crystal-like structures and devices based on them with very high spectral selectivity are proposed. High-performance microwave microstrip signal processing devices are developed. To improve the efficiency crystal-like structures used in the modes conventional tunneling - resonant tunneling. Together, these effects provide maximum decoupling of signals in the passband and stopband.

The development of the methods for improving efficiency of the space-time processing of the telecomunication signals with interferences

Sense of work consists of analysis of modern world trends in progress of the space-time processing theory, development of new methods of radio signals processing with space-time structures, which are factorized with the use of Croneckers` matrices muptiplication theory for the radio electronic facilities’ digital adaptive arrays, and also analysis of possibility of the physical phenomenon of curvature of wave front of electromagnetic wave application for the increase of efficiency of functioning of the telecommunication systems in the conditions of interferences.