Динамічний аналіз

Development of a method for predicting carrying capacity and temperature stability of space vehicles platform

A simulation model was developed for the first time. That model takes into account variable temperature gradients, the scheme of reinforcement of multilayer PCM under conditions of complex dynamic and vibration load. For the first time, a phenomenological model of scattered destruction of anisotropic structural materials was developed. The main thermopower parameters of the operational load and the anisotropy coefficient were taken into account. A new method for estimating the strength of bolted joints of composite panels has been developed.

Parallel algorithms for nonlinear modeling of dynamic objects on a supercomputer.

The development of modern technologies in the field of electronics and the complexity of the devices being designed leads not only to an increase in time spent on the solution, but also increases the probability of the analysis procedures failure due to the accumulation of instrumental and methodological errors. At the present stage of microminiaturization, more physical effects should be taken into account complicating significantly the process of the objects’ dynamic analysis.