Mitchenko Tetiana Ye.

Catalytic systems based on metal oxides to nanosized specific wastewater treatment

Prototypes of new catalysts and photocatalysts based on newly synthesized nanoscale metal oxides obtained, kinetic regularities of redox processes in which they participate in waste water determined. The experimental dependence of the degree of photocatalytic purification in model wastewater and the nature of the pollutant concentration established. Substantiation of technological parameters of the liquid-phase oxidation-reduction processes wastewater from the pollutants of various origins determined.

Investigation of the processes and development of high efficiency resource-saving ecological-safety technology of deep arsenic removal from water

The information about both, natural and anthropogenic ways and the reasons of arsenic compounds appearance in natural waters are generalised. Prevailing forms of the presence of arsenic compounds in water medium are defined. The comparative analysis and summarization of the existing information on the novel methods and materials for deep extraction of arsenic from water are carried out.