Нанорозмірні плівки

ФThe formation of structure, magnetic properties of nanoscale FePt(Pd) films by hydrogen heat treatmant for information magnetic recording of a high density

Заміна структури і магнітних властивостей плівок FePd при вівдпали у врдні

The scientific foundations for the accelerated formation of nanoscale, thermally stable films based on FePd, FePt with a magnetic-hard L1о phase for use as a medium of high-density magnetsc recording have been created. The influence of the chemical and mechanical factor of hydrogen action on the phase composition and structure, as well as the physical factor of the effect on the electronic structure of nanoscale films based on FePt and FePd doped with Au, Ag, Cu, and their magnetic properties was estimated and taken into account.

The formation of nanosized hard magnetic FePt films alloyed by Ag, Au, Cu for increase of magnetic recording density

підвищення щільності магнітного запису

New principles of stable nanoscale hard magnetic FePt films formation with ordered L10(FePt) phase are created by the way of regulation the rate of solid state reactions by using additional layers of alloying elements (Ag, Au, Cu) as regulators of diffusion flows. It is reached the decrease of the hard magnetic L10(FePt) phase formation temperature on 100 K due to extra driving force at the creation of additional interfaces and stress state that accelerate the diffusion processes of ordering.