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The Development of the Concept of the Systematic Approach and Justification of the Resource Saving Ways to Use Underground Megapolice Space

Районування Шевченківського району Києва за сприятливістю підземному будівництву (фрагмент)

Conceptual issues of the underground urban metropolis mid- and long-term perspective were developed, taking into account the geological and landscape features of construction value and the perspective urban changes. Techniques of the system design of underground facilities and resource-saving methods for their construction were justified on the basis of dedicated natural-technical system "geourbanity-geological environment."

Development of the information-expert foresight system with extended analytics of unstructured data

Схема реалізації процесу передбачення в режимі on-line

A methodological and methodical toolkit of information-expert foresight system for processing unstructured information was developed, which includes the development of approaches to the analysis of unstructured data for the foresight platform and development of methods for determining the semantic coloring for pieces of unstructured information.