Просторове розділення

Unmanned aircraft and spacecraft thermal imaging systems

A new model of information transformations was developed for remote thermal imaging from an aircraft or space vehicle. This model takes into account characteristics of background, targets, the optical system and the matrix detector, which allows us to explore ways to improve the technical characteristics of the system’s main blocks. The computational algorithms are based on spatial-frequency filtering in the signal propagation paths and allow performing the tasks of analysis and synthesis of systems with or without visual perception. The model is compatible with the current NATO standards.

Development of methods and design tools for an objective assessment of the spatial and energy resolution of the space Earth remote sensing infrared cameras

There were created new computational methods of objective assessment of the spatial and energy resolution of space-based infrared cameras on the basis of physical and mathematical model of electro-optical system for forming and converting signals from terrestrial objects and backgrounds to the final information package of thermal imaging system.