Development of methods and design tools for an objective assessment of the spatial and energy resolution of the space Earth remote sensing infrared cameras

There were created new computational methods of objective assessment of the spatial and energy resolution of space-based infrared cameras on the basis of physical and mathematical model of electro-optical system for forming and converting signals from terrestrial objects and backgrounds to the final information package of thermal imaging system. On the basis of the proposed methods for predicting the effectiveness of the functioning of the space infrared cameras transmitting were developed two new methods of matching the radius of the circle of confusion of the lens and the size of the microbolometer matrix pixel, thus increasing the probability of correct detection of ground targets to 10%. A method for sub-pixel image processing in space imagers, which can improve the spatial resolution of up to 50%.

The results were introduced in the educational process in the form of a new lecture on the topic "Evaluation of the quality of infrared surveillance systems" (academic discipline "Infrared Sensors Design") and laboratory work on the theme "Assessing the impact of digitization on the thermal image" (a subject matter "Thermal Imaging Opto-electronic Devices"). Also, the results of research were used to improve the training lectures "Optoelectronic surveillance system", "Space and aviation optoelectronic devices."

As the results of the project there were fulfiled one doctoral dissertation and three PhD theses. There were prepared three PhD theses, obtained three patents, published two monographs, published 19 articles (16 of them in journals included in scientometric databases), including - 6 with the participation of students; published 14 reports on 6 scientific and technical conferences, published one book labeled with MES of Ukraine and one textbook stamped NTU "KPI", Master's theses were protected by 5 and 4 diploma project specialist.

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