Моделі оцінювання

Development of tools for building complex multicomponent models

A toolkit for building multi-component models of complex evaluation of sustainable development was created. Tools developed as part of the intellectual system of data processing of World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development and interacts with other components of information analytical system of World Data Center. User interface based on thin client that provides an interactive graphical tool for constructing models and visualization of distributed multidisciplinary information and providing tools for its analysis was implemented.

Development of methodology and mathematical foundations of the quantitative evaluation processes of the sustainable development and the impact of global threats in global and regional contexts

1. State registration number of the theme - 0111U001738, NTUU "KPI" - 2401-F.
2. Supervisor - prof., Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Zgurovsky Michael Z.
3. The essence of development, the main results.