Physico-chemical basis for strengthening of the light structural alloys surface by ultrasonic shock treatment at cryogenic temperatures

Схема УЗУО

Essentially new scientific knowledge has been obtained on the physico-materials science basics and the laws of the surface layers hardening of the light structural alloys by ultrasonic shock treatment (UST) at cryogenic temperatures. These regularities are due to the suppression of the dynamic return processes and dynamic recrystallization, as well as the effect of the dislocations annihilation under the action of the deep cooling factor.

Micro-and nanostructured processes in the surface layers of the structural alloys under conditions of the high-energy processing.

The complex of the experimental studies which enabled us to establish the influence of the ultrasonic shock treatment (USST) regimes in the air, in an inert atmosphere and liquid nitrogen on microhardness, fine microstructure, phase and chemical composition of the aluminum alloy D16 and Ti6Al4V titanium alloy surface layers  was performed.