Influence of magnetic field on auto-oscillating processes on interface surface conductor-electrolyte.

New principles of operating autooscillating processes in interphase of conductor-electrolyte by means of external permanent magnetic field are developed. Detailed description of autooscillating phenomena is obtained in interphase of conductor-electrolyte in permanent magnetic field. It is a new example of nonlinear self-organization in system that is dissimilar to thermodynamic equilibrium.

It is shown that dependence of mass of etched steel on time has quasi-periodic character that in particular depends on complex configuration of electrolyte vortexes which are formed in the etch processes as well as on the geometry of sample arrangement. The dependences of oscillating characteristics are obtained on value of external permanent magnetic field, electrolyte concentration, temperature of corrosion. The influence of the sample prehistory on oscillating characteristics is also studied, in particular, of such factors as preliminary annealing and demagnetizing. The influence of magnetic field orientation with respect to dedicated directions of sample is also researched. Characteristic statistical parameters of autooscillating process of steel plate etching are calculated, in particular, average speed of etch, mean square speed of etch, maximum and minimum speeds of etch, as well as average period of autooscillating process at various electrolyte concentrations. Scientific novelty of the results of research is based on the idea to involve to research the such parameters of influence on reaction as mutual bracing characteristic directions of a sample and external magnetic field as well as combination of this influence with one of Earth gravitation. It is shown the possibility to achieve the optimal values of physical characteristics of autooscillating processes in interphase of conductor-electrolyte by means of combination of reaction components with external factors.

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