Thermomolecular energetics: investigation of thermodynamic functions and hysteresis nature in the “compression-expansion” processes of the normal and configurational clathrates

As the result of the work the conception synthesis of repulsive clathrates hysteresis nature is received with subject to the theoretical and experimental researches: the hysteresis experimental data and theoretical concepts for the functionality compression-expansion processes are compared. The recommendations for the repulsive clathrate components choice are produced with subject to their functionality – accumulation, dissipation or energy transformation. The thermodynamic characteristics for repulsive clathrates with different hysteresis level are received: the thermodynamic work, heat, entropy, intrinsic surface energy, enthalpy, Gibbs-Helmholts function, Gibbs potential. The theoretical researches of physical, electric, chemical foundations of the repulsive clathrates (CRC) configuration on the molecular level are done; the analytical expressions for the work, heat, entropy and thermodynamic functions in confoguratiional repulsive clathrates are received. The optimal biphilic porous matrix surface modificator search is carried out and experimental investigation of research cell is done. The recommendations for the repulsive clathrates with required properties and characteristics synthesis are produced.