Lutsky Georgy M.

Methods and means of increasing the efficiency of solving problems on the basis of reconfigurable computing facilities on the FPGA

Спеціалізований суперскалярний процесор з множиною реконфігурованих обчислювальних блоків під керівництвом обмеженої схеми потоку даних

Developed theoretical foundations for creation of multilayered FPGA-based matrix structure managed by restricted dataflow model. Created and investigated models of multilayered FPGA-based matrix structure managed by restricted dataflow. Developed new concept of building problem-oriented processor, implementation of which is based on using multiple FPGA. Developed new methodology of creation of multilayered FPGA matrix managed by restricted dataflow model.

Methods and construction tools of the information security increase in the heterogeneous cluster systems

Principles of organization of the protected high-performance heterogeneous cluster systems (GСS) are developed. The method of adaptive control safety of calculations in GCS is developed, which provides a dynamic reaction on potential threats of safety on the basis of analysis of the new entered parameters: degrees of trust to the resources of GCS and values of the processed information. The formal model of safe administration of subject access to the GCS objects is offered. The methods of minimization of risk of protect are offered.

Development of theoretical foundation for creation of high-performance computer systems with run-time parallelization of computational processes

Developed theoretical foundations for construction of superscalar RISC-microprocessor kernel architecture with extended properties of parallelism exposure at the level of commands. Parallelism improvements at the level of commands was achieved by organization of simultaneous decoding on RISC-operations of 32 byte command window of the processed threads and simultaneous treatment of up to four threads of instructions from a set of x86-64. Decoding of command windows, in relation to the processed threads, takes place by turns.